A New Rating Indicates Skull & Bones May Drop Anchor on PS5 Soon

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One day, we’ll be able to talk about Skull & Bones after release, and won’t that be a novel thing? Announced roughly five years ago, the open water pirate game has been through the stormiest of seas on the route to launch, but it looks like the end may finally be in sight.

As spotted on Reddit, a newly approved age rating for the game has cropped up in Brazil. It lists the game for current-gen platforms including PS5, with no mention of PS4. We’re unclear if Skull & Bones is releasing on both, but we assume that’ll be the case. Hopefully more info is coming soon.

It’s not the first rating for the title, either. Last month, the PC version of the game was rated in South Korea. Normally, age ratings such as these appear towards the tail end of a project’s development, so it does seem like Ubisoft may finally be getting ready to ship the game (pun of course intended).

The last official word on the game came from an earnings report, in which Ubisoft states Skull & Bones will release within financial year 2022 (meaning between 1st April 2022 and 31st March 2023), so this all seems to be lining up.

Are you excited to finally try Skull & Bones? What are your expectations of this sea-faring title? Set sail in the comments section below.

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