Black Ops Cold War Season Two Reloaded Update Patch Notes

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War season two reloaded update patch notes Музыка

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is getting perhaps its most intensive weapon tuning update since launch, changing and adjusting a ton of weapons and attachments in an effort to shake up the meta and address player feedback. While the features of the Season Two Reloaded update, including new maps, modes, and more, were detailed earlier today, the full Season Two Reloaded update patch notes dive into the little changes for each weapon type and attachment that players will need to get used to when the update goes live later tonight.

The weapon tuning pass brings up some underperforming weapons and archetypes, while giving some much needed nerfs to weapons like the LC10 submachine gun. There was also a change to the speed of stance changes, which should reduce issues with people going prone to easily and quickly get kills.

Note that all of the patch notes below apply exclusively to Black Ops Cold War. Weapon tuning for Warzone is separate and in the hands of Raven.

Black Ops Cold War Update Sizes

March 29 at 9 PM PST

PlayStation 5: 12.2 GB

PlayStation 4: 7.4 GB

Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 14.18 GB

Xbox One: 9.13 GB

PC: 8.1 GB

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season Two Reloaded Update Patch Notes



Assault RiflesKrig 6Improved visibility while firing in ADS.Complete tuning pass on weapon accuracy, weapon movement, and visual clarity while firing with any Optic attachment.Addressed instances of the weapon feeling “floaty” when firing for a prolonged amount of time.FFAR 1Increased ballistic speed by 12.8%.GrozaIncreased maximum damage range by 40%.AttachmentsComplete tuning pass on Muzzle and Underbarrel attachments that affect Recoil on assault rifles.Submachine GunsMilano 821Increased mid-range damage by 10%.Increased mid-range damage range by 33%.Increased sprint out speed by 14.2%.Increased raise speed by 11%.Slightly increased ADS-in speed.KSP 45Increased ballistic speed by 32.5%.Reduced burst delay by 20%.AK-74uReduced accuracy with prolonged firing.Reduced muzzle velocity by 23.4%.LC10Reduced max damage range by 41%.Slightly reduced mid-range damage.MAC-10Modified bullet pattern to add slightly more horizontal trajectories.AttachmentsComplete tuning pass on Muzzle and Underbarrel attachments that affect Recoil on SMGs.Light Machine GunsLight Machine Gun AlphaReduced maximum damage range by 25%.Sniper RiflesDisabled glint effect on sniper rifles with Iron Sights equipped.Pistols1911Increased ADS speed by 11%.MagnumSlightly decreased hip-fire accuracy.Dual Wield: Bullet trajectories are now more varied when firing both guns simultaneously.Redesigned the 4.7” Takedown Barrel attachment into a “Tight Snub” Barrel. This attachment now adds damage to both enemies and vehicles.LaunchersRPG-7Slightly increased blast radius.Greatly increased length of straight rocket flight path.GeneralRockets now inflict more damage to enemies with Flak Jacket in Hardcore. Still requires a direct hit for a 1-hit kill.AttachmentsInfantry V-ChokeUpdated attachment description to clarify pros and cons.Weapon ProgressionPlayers can now earn Weapon XP and Challenge progress by using any weapon, even if they do not currently own it (for example, using another player’s weapon picked up from the ground that the player does not currently own).


Slightly reduced speed of changing stances from stand, crouch, and prone. Additional adjustments to come to address remaining disparity between 1st-person and 3rd-person perspectives.

Combat Record

Added Vehicles section.Addressed an issue with the “Killed By” stat not tracking properly.



Miami Strike (6v6)Miami Strike added to 6v6 rotation in Multiplayer modes.Miami Strike will replace the original Miami map in all core modes with the exception of Combined Arms, Search & Destroy, and VIP Escort.Miami Strike 24/7 playlist also available at launch.Mansion (2v2, 3v3)Mansion added to rotation in Gunfight and Face Off.Golova (Multi-Team)Golova added to rotation in Multi-Team modes.ApocalypseHardpoint: Addressed an issue that allowed players to capture P3 Hardpoint outside of the intended boundary.The PinesControl: Adjusted Zone B to allow capturing against the pizza counter.RaidHardpoint: Adjusted distance of spawns from P1 to each side of the map to reduce chances of spawning beside or behind enemy team.GarrisonControl: Extended Zone A up to the platform outside of “green” room.Control: Conditional Attacker spawns added to reduce travel time to Zone A.Hardpoint: Removed spawns that were too close to P2 and P5.Hardpoint: Added a larger spread of spawns for P1, P2, and P3 to reduce chances of spawning behind enemy team.Miami (Original)Scaled down bullet collision on the Miami Patrol van.


Multi-Team HardpointNew Multiplayer mode added to Multi-Team.10 squads of four fight for multiple Hardpoints at a time. Each set of Hardpoints lasts 120 seconds before rotating to the next locations.Teams will earn 1 point every second for all teammates inside of a Hardpoint.The first squad to reach 1,000 points wins the match.Prop HuntMiami Strike and Satellite added to map rotation.Refreshed prop rotation for several existing maps.Addressed an issue where the Best Play prop camera could appear underground.ControlNew Custom Game Options added:Time Per Segment: The amount of time added onto the current round time limit when a zone segment is captured.Overtime Rules: Determines whether Overtime Defense is given to the team with the most kills or the most zone segments captured during the previous rounds.GunfightAdded Gunfight mode-specific Medals.Battle Chatter now disabled in Gunfight and Gunfight variants.VIP EscortAddressed an issue where the player could hear incorrect VO lines when beginning a round as the VIP.Multi-TeamAddressed an issue where teammates could spawn on top of one another after a team wipe respawn.GeneralEnemy red dots will now be prioritized on top of objective icons on the mini-map.

Featured Playlists

Miami Strike 24/7 [NEW]Multi-Team Hardpoint – Golova [NEW]Multi-Team Moshpit [NEW]Moshpit of Multi-Team modes, including 40-Player Hardpoint on Ruka, Alpine, Sanatorium, and Golova.Prop Hunt [NEW]Snipers Only MoshpitNuketown 24/7GunfightFace Off


GeneralFlashbang/Stunned Challenges are now easier to complete.Fog of WarAddressed inconsistencies with the Smoke Grenade Cover Assists combat stat.Addressed issues with “Fog of War” Challenge and “Sight Unseen” Medal not tracking properly with the Danger Close Wildcard equipped.Updated Challenge description for clarity.


GesturesGestures can now be used before the round starts.SocialUpdated messaging when a player is kicked from the party.TurretsAddressed and issue where players on Mounted Turrets could be immune to Dirt Bike vehicles.AudioAddressed an issue where VO would say “No Targets Destroyed” if the Attack Helicopter was destroyed with a Cruise Missile.



Law BreakerLaw Breaker in League Play will no longer allow any weapon to be put into either weapon slot. Players will only be able to use a Primary and Secondary weapon.Law Breaker will now only allow players to equip multiple Perks from the same Perk category.Perk GreedPerk Greed is now restricted completely.

Match Suspensions

Players who quit out of active matches or are kicked for friendly fire will now be issued a matchmaking suspension for a period of time.Penalties will escalate if the player continues to quit out of matches or is consistently kicked for friendly fire.


Extended placement bracket to include Top 25 and Top 50.Updated gem representation in Rank Progression screen.Updated Ladder Event Complete screen with new gem celebration animation.Added location to the top of the League Play Ladder to showcase current placement gems.



New RegionSanatorium (Night) region added to Outbreak.New ObjectiveSecure Objective added to Outbreak.New VehicleDirt Bike vehicle added to Outbreak.New IntelNew Audio Logs and Radio Transmissions added for players to discover in the Ural Mountains.StabilityAdded fixes for various crashes related to Objectives, Trials, the RAI-K 84, and the Frost Blast Field Upgrade.GameplayAddressed various issues where players could fall out of the map on Alpine.Addressed an issue where players could get stuck in a planter on Golova.Addressed an issue where the Golden Chest could push vehicles under the map.Addressed an issue where kills with vehicles were not always contributing to the Dragon Relic.Players will now take damage from the Dragon Relic rocket thrusters when it takes off. Look out below!ObjectivesHoldoutReduced duration of Holdout Objective by 30 seconds.Added Ammo Cache to the Holdout Objective space in Alpine.Cleaned up areas that were interfering with barricading and shooting out of windows in the Golova Holdout Objective.DefendThe Defend console now takes more damage from Hellhounds.Addressed an issue where picking up the specimen head while prone could prevent the player from being able to deposit it during the Defend Objective.RetrieveAddressed an issue where the progress bar for depositing the canister could break during the Retrieve Objective.EscortEnemies will no longer de-spawn when the Payload teleports.EnemiesAddressed various zombie pathing issues in Ruka, Alpine, and Golova.Addressed an issue where Manglers could still use their arm cannons and Krasny Soldats could still use their jet packs after they were destroyed by Energy Mines.Addressed an issue where damage from the Tempest was not mitigated by Armor.Addressed an issue where zombies would ignore players when another player deployed a Cymbal Monkey and left the match.Field UpgradesAddressed an issue where Field Upgrades could be reset after switching classes and warping to another region.Addressed an issue where Field Upgrade charge was not reset when changing classes.ChallengesAddressed an issue where Elites were not being counted toward the Outbreak Eliminations challenge.TrialsAddressed an issue where Trials challenges were duplicating earlier than intended.Pack-a-PunchAddressed an issue where players were unable to re-roll attachments on some weapons after upgrading them at the Pack-a-Punch machine.Closed an exploit that allowed duplication of the Ray Gun or RAI-K 84 using the Pack-a-Punch machine.EquipmentAddressed an issue where players with a full stack of Equipment had the option to pick up that same Equipment and drop their stack.SupportSupport weapons that use ammo will no longer be refilled when warping to another region.

Round-Based Maps

Firebase ZAddressed an issue where cross-platform players were unable to load into a Private match.Closed an exploit in the Village where zombies were unable to attack the player.Closed an exploit that allowed players to leave the map in Rocky Defense.Closed an exploit that allowed accessing the Teleporter before purchasing the first door.Die MaschineAddressed an issue where the D.I.E. Shockwave could be obtained through the door to its location.StabilityAdded various crash fixes related to side quests.

Dead Ops Arcade 3

ProgressionPlayers now earn player XP and Battle Pass progression in all Dead Ops Arcade modes (subject to additional tuning).Bonus MapsNew Silverback Slideways bonus map added to rotation.GameplayIncreased Key spawn rates and added additional Key locations.Tuned the number of hits a player can absorb in The Wild before dying.Tuned life donation rewards.Added fixes for various shield-type pickups not properly crediting their owner with kills.Addressed an issue where spinning Chickens could potentially kill the player with sawblades.Addressed an issue where players were sometimes unable to leave the Deadly Dungeon when collecting the ladder.Addressed an issue where players could be left behind when the Dungeon was triggered.Addressed an issue where the Flogger Trap could cause unintentional player deaths.Added various exploit fixes.EnemiesBoss / Underboss level enemies will now kill in one shot regardless of whether the player is in First Person.Reduced explosive damage range of Meatballs when they die.Addressed an issue that could result in spawning invisible enemies.Addressed an issue where the Spider could launch the player’s vehicle out of the map.VisualsAddressed an issue where bodies could disappear in certain graphical modes.Addressed an issue where some particle effects were not playing on enemies.Addressed an issue where special particle effects could remain on-screen instead of being cleaned up.ControlsAddressed an issue where selecting the Flip Bumper controller setting could create a conflict when switching from First Person mode to classic mode.StabilityAdded various crash fixes.GeneralPlayers are now able to immediately quit the match after a host migration occurs in Dead Ops Arcade 3.

Onslaught (PS4/PS5 Exclusive)

ModesContainmentBattle to contain the forces of the Dark Aether and survive an intense new experience on close-quarters Gunfight maps.Blueprint ChallengeComplete the latest Blueprint Challenge unlock the exclusive “Jungle Fighter” tactical rifle Weapon Blueprint.New Item DropsLevel 2 and Level 3 Armor drops now available.Ammo Mod drops now available that apply a random alternate ammo type to your weapon.Aether Tool drops now available that upgrade your weapon.Bronze, Silver, and Gold Chalice drops now available that will Pack-a-Punch your weapon, once earned.Server PauseServer pause now available in Private Onslaught matches.

Featured Playlists

OutbreakFirebase ZDie MaschineDead Ops Arcade: First PersonDead Ops ArcadeOnslaught (PS4/PS5)Onslaught Containment [NEW] (PS4/PS5)Onslaught Nuketown (PS4/PS5)Onslaught Apocalypse (PS4/PS5)


Apply BlueprintPlayers can now apply any Weapon Blueprint they own to their weapon in the Pause menu, including any weapon picked up or acquired from a Wall Buy.

Ammo Mods

Dead WireDead Wire Tier V now correctly spreads to 3 targets instead of 5.Addressed an issue where Dead Wire was doing the same amount of tick damage to zombies and special enemies.


Elemental PopTuned down intensity of FX on Tier V electric discharge for Elemental Pop.


Addressed an issue where some players could get stuck at the Pause screen in Zombies.Addressed instances where players were not put into the same party after accepting an invite. 



Addressed an issue in “End of the Line” where the player could fall through the ground after using a turret.


Addressed a rare crash that could occur when entering or quitting a mission.

[Source: Treyarch]

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