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One thing I’m amazed at is the way anime is a “big tent,” with hundreds of different kinds of stories that can be told. Are you getting tired of isekai anime? Getting bored with idol series? There’s always something totally new waiting to be discovered. Let’s take a look at some of the best anime genre names, in the spirit of Crunchyroll’s hilarious categories.

Of course it’s important for children to not be murdered, and it’s good that the Children Avoiding Being Murdered category exists.

Help! I'm Surrounded By Beautiful Men

The Reverse Harem, or “Help! I’m Surrounded by Beautiful Men!” anime genre is another one that’s fun to watch.

Where's That Meme From Anime Genre

Some anime have become meme machines, and you can’t venture out onto the Internet without checking the latest episodes so you can understand all the memes you’ll be seeing.

Cute Girls Doing Cute Things Anime Genre

Who doesn’t love Cute Girls Doing Cute Things? It’s right up there Cute Girls Start a New Hobby.

Nagase Mana Idoly Pride

Idoly Pride

Then there’s the Romance Anime Where the Heroine Dies Right after you Start to Love the Character. They will get you every time.

Another Death


Since anime is free to tell stories that are gritty and realistic, I’m a fan of the Dark Fantasy where the Power of Friendship is Not Going to Help and Lots of Good People Die anime genre.

Steins;gate Anime Genre

Characters Caught in Repeating Time Loops where they Experience Painful Deaths is another important genre.

Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss

I’m always down for a series from the Serious Adventure Stories with Random Ecchi Jokes Inserted genre.


OniAi: As Long as There’s Love, It Doesn’t Matter If He Is My Brother, Right?

Another unique anime genre is A Brother Lives With his Sister with No Parents Around, which always leads to quality incest comedy.

Ryomou Hakufu Nazec Best Anime Genre

Ikki Tousen

Martial Arts with Pantsu is another category of anime I’m always down for.

Nagatoro Bully

Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san

I also love the Cute Girl Bullies a Boy Because She Likes Him anime genre. I would love to be bullied by Nagatoro.

Ladies Vs Butlers

Ladies Vs Butlers

Maids Having Accidents Involving Pantsu is another awesome category of anime I can’t get enough of.

To Love Ru Best Ecchi Anime Genre

To Love-ru Darkness

Then there’s the Non-maids Having Accidents Involving Pantsu. It’s just as good.

Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san best anime genre

Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san

Boys Climbing the Staircase of Adulthood with a Sexy Onee-chan Character is a genre I just love.

What’s your “anime guilty pleasure”? Here’s a blog post with input from J-List customers!

Food Wars

Anime About Food That’s So Delicious, Everyone Has an Orgasm. I wish I were eating food this good right now.

Imaizumi's Place Became A Gal Hangout Spot For Some Reason

Imaizumi’s Place Became a Gal Hangout Spot For Some Reason

The standard “anime harem” genre needed updating, so now we have Impossible Harem of Slutty Gals. Are you a fan?

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Twitter Uzaki Chan Meme

Another fun genre to watch is Things That Piss Off Twitter. Nobody wants to be shamed by random busybodies on the Internet because they thought a university student’s boobs were too big, and those people should stop doing it. Complaining about this or that anime only makes it more popular, anyway,

Tawawa On Monday

Tawawa On Monday

A related genre is Things That Piss Off the United Nations. Yes, this actually happened…

Thanks for reading this blog post! Got any other amusing anime genres that you’re a fan of? Tell us below, or reply to us on Twitter!

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