Netflix Set To Make A

Netflix Set To Make A Believer Sequel Фильмы

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Netflix has given the go-ahead for a sequel to the 2018 hit Korean crime action film “Believer”.

Lee Hae Young penned and directed the original in which a determined cop teams up with a gang member in order to catch the evasive boss of Asia’s largest drugs cartel – a person known only as Mr. Lee.

The sequel sees the pair (played by Cho Jin-woong and Cha Seung-won) re-teaming with gang members who are not quite what they seem. It also introduces actress Han Hyo-joo as Big Sword, a shady character with insights into Lee’s organization.

Baek Jong-yeol will take over as director of the follow-up which is said to have a ‘different aesthetic’ from the original with action on a larger scale – including a battle at Seoul’s Yongsan station.

Oh Seung-hoon, Kim Dong-young and Lee Joo-young also star with filming to begin shortly in Korea. The first film grossed box office of $33.6 million in its theatrical run whereas this sequel will debut online.

Source: Variety

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