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To kick off our guide, we’ll talk about some key elements regarding the heroes, more specifically their types, how to upgrade them, and how to understand the use of each and every one of them.


There are a total of 5 elements in the game, as follows:
Brave (Green) is strong against Calm (Blue), but weak against Rash (Red).
Calm (Blue) is strong against Rash (Red), but weak against Brave (Green).
Rash (Red) is strong against Brave (Green), but weak against Calm (Blue).
Avid (Purple) and Wary (Orange/Yellow) counter each other.

When an element counters another, it actually means that said element deals an additional 200% damage to the one it is strong against. When it is weak against another element, the damage dealt is reduced to 50% of the total damage (which means you lose half of the damage dealt since the enemy «resists» the attack).

You always want to make sure you’re using the correct element, because each round has a set number of moves available, and, ideally, you want to defeat your enemies before you run out of moves by using a countering element.

Unit Type

Just like in the case of the elements, there are also unit types which affect the actual troops you deploy. You can read the skills for each one of the heroes in the Troop Skill tab, which is more or less the equivalent of a hero’s «passive skills». Unit types available in the game are Fighter, Shooter, Raider, Vehicle and Economy. Let’s break down the characteristics of each one of these types.
Fighter units — these heroes specialise in boosting the ATK, DEF or HP of Fighter troops, as well as some «general» skills that affect the overall troops deployed.
Shooter units — Shooter heroes will affect the DEF, ATK or HP of the Shooter troops, but they can also feature useful «general» skills.
Raider units — these characters will typically increase the Raiders’ DEF, ATK or HP, but can also have other «general» skills which can be applied to the output or general ATK of troops.
Economy units — Economy heroes are among the best at providing useful PvE benefits, such as increased production, reduced costs of resources and much more.
Vehicle units — These units typically boost the battle vehicles’ stats.

Upgrading your heroes in Puzzles & Survival

Leveling up

If you want to upgrade your units, there are several ways of doing so. First and foremost, you can level up the units. Leveling up a hero costs Antiserum (Hero EXP), and the amount required for each level increases with every single upgrade.

By leveling them up, you will increase the heroes’ basic stats (ATK, DEF, HP), and once a hero has reached its cap, you will need specific items to Evolve it (Combat Manuals and Antiserum). With specific levels, heroes will also unlock their skills (both Troop Skills and Hero Skills), so it is something every player must do with their best heroes in order to advance further.

Starring up

Evolving or starring up the heroes is something a little bit more tedious. Every hero in the game can be starred up to 6* (which is the maximum), but in order to do so, players must first max the hero level for their current star rating, then use Combat Manuals and lots of Antiserum to upgrade their star.

Enhancing heroes

In order to enhance the heroes, players must collect a lot of hero fragments or duplicate heroes, which then turn into fragments. With each new star, the heroes’ basic stats increase, and their skills level up, providing better passives.

How to level up the hero skills

The only way to upgrade the skills of the heroes is by upgrading the heroes themselves. Each skill can be upgraded to level 5 at the moment (+5), which goes hand in hand with the hero’s star rating.

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